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protect you

  • Protect your smile playing sports safely



Half and half, 2 stripes, 3 stripes, 4 stripes, 5 stripes

Tell us what you want and we will make it for you

Glitter guards

Any base colour and any colour glitter for adding that 'sporty sparkle' 

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Special Designs

Dracula teeth, Venom, Gold teeth, Flags and any other design that your wildest dreams can imagine...


Choose your colour

We stock a full range of colours and patterns

ready for your order

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  • Single colour     £65

  • Half and half     £68

  • 3 stripe             £70

  • 4 stripe             £72

  • Glitterguards     £80

  • Specials            £85

  • Protect your smile playing sports safely

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