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Are you in need of a dentist but can’t find one?

I am Dr Dan Shaffer, the principal dentist at Pure Dentistry in Harpenden. This year, during the icy cold winter, I experienced a burst water pipe at my dental clinic. I called out an emergency plumber who was very efficient, and knowledgeable and he sorted out the leak. I was happy to pay a few hundred pounds to get the problem solved satisfactorily, with a minimum of fuss. After he fixed it, he asked me if I could sort out his tooth, as it was ‘killing him’.

He had a toothache and he was finding it difficult to access local NHS dental services. He was told that t

he wait would be two months at some clinics and no availability at others.

Unable to bear the pain any longer, he requested that I reciprocate his plumbing favours with a dental favour. I gladly and efficiently got him out of pain and he expressed amazement that my bill was lower than his. He was extremely grateful. Many people (including myself) are understandably concerned that amid a ‘cost of living crisis’, services designed to ‘get us out of trouble’ and address our ‘emergency needs’ seem increasingly unobtainable.

Since my experience with the emergency plumber, it struck me that if only I could rethink access to dental services in our area, many would not have to suffer dental pain for prolonged periods. I am genuinely worried about the difficulty that people are facing accessing local dental services. I have previously discussed this issue on the radio (JVS show, BBC 3 counties) and now, am meeting greater numbers of patients at my clinic, who come to see me in pain because they just can’t find a dentist able to address their needs.

More and more people are contacting our dental clinic expressing concern that they simply cannot find an NHS dentist to treat their toothaches. How can we help you? We have reserved toothache slots just to cater to members of the general public who request relief from the inescapable pain of toothache. Many people put off seeking help for fear of high costs, dental anxiety or just hoping that the inescapable pain will go away independently.

This is why we decided to communicate the wider offering of our special service at Pure Dentistry. We offer quality, affordable dental treatment to those that need help but are finding it difficult to access local dental care. We have a 24-hour emergency helpline available when you need it. We have also lowered our examination fees so you can get the help you deserve when you need it, with a minimum of fuss.

One of our friendly team will listen carefully to your issues. We can then assess your problem and suggest appropriate solutions within a range of transparently priced treatment options. This will enable you to make good decisions after being given the right information, at the right time to help you make an informed choice regarding your treatment. We aim to help you smile with confidence once again as you finally feel that inescapable pain evaporate.

Pure Dentistry- your future smiles, quality affordable dental care.

Talk to us, you might be surprised!

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