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Teeth Whitening

Lighten the shade of your teeth with Zoom whitening

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 550 British pounds
  • Pure Dentistry

Service Description

Phillips Zoom Whitening, often simply referred to as Zoom Whitening, is a popular and effective teeth whitening treatment that is widely used by dental professionals to enhance the brightness of a patient's smile. This professional-grade teeth whitening system is known for its quick and efficient results. Here's an overview of Phillips Zoom Whitening: 1. In-clinic Treatment: Phillips Zoom Whitening is typically performed in a dental c under the supervision of a trained dental professional. This in-clinic treatment allows for the most controlled and effective whitening process. 2. High-Intensity Light Activation: The treatment involves the application of a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to the teeth. What sets Zoom Whitening apart is the use of a special high-intensity light source (Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp) to activate the whitening gel. The light accelerates and enhances the whitening process, breaking down stains and discoloration. 3. Quick and Efficient: One of the standout features of Zoom Whitening is its speed. The entire procedure can be completed in a single visit to the dental office, usually within about an hour and a half. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking immediate results. 4. Minimal Discomfort: Some patients may experience mild sensitivity during or after the treatment, but this is generally temporary and can be managed with desensitizing gels or toothpaste recommended by your dentist. 5. Noticeable Results: Most patients experience a significant improvement in the whiteness of their teeth after a single session of Zoom Whitening. The treatment is particularly effective at removing stains from coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco use. 6. Long-Lasting Effects: While the longevity of the whitening effects may vary depending on individual habits and oral care, many people enjoy their brighter smile for an extended period, with proper maintenance. 7. Post-Treatment Care: Your dentist will provide you with guidelines for maintaining your white smile, which may include avoiding certain staining foods and beverages and following a good oral hygiene routine.

Cancellation Policy

The payment for booking this service is non-refundable.

Contact Details

  • 399 Luton Road, Harpenden, UK


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